Limited Legal Services As You Need Them

Unbundled legal services and limited scope representation — these refer to an alternative representation model where an attorney performs à la carte or discrete tasks instead of all tasks on the case. This allows us to keep your costs down.

How does this work? You may only need an answer that a tailored conversation can supply. At Kaplan Law L.L.C., we offer this type of limited scope representation to clients in Denver and across Colorado. If you find that your situation is more complicated than you initially thought, we also offer full service representation from the start of your case through completion.

Services We Provide A La Carte

In an amiable divorce, you may only need an attorney to help with one part of your divorce case. Here are some of the ways that we can help:

  • Review and assist in preparation of documents for the court
  • Representation at a court hearing or mediation
  • Research of Colorado law to answer legal questions

Speaking with our lawyers — even on a limited basis — can avoid costly or frustrating mistakes. We focus our practice on family law and can frequently spot issues that you may not anticipate. Doing work on the front end can save you time and money over the course of your divorce.

Your total cost thus depends on the services you use. Whether it’s a complex financial question for our founding partner, who brings more than 30 years of experience, or document assembly assistance from a paralegal, we can offer unbundled legal services to meet your needs.

Accessible Legal Services

You should not go through the divorce process alone. We offer a variety of services to make sure they are accessible. Consider the full costs — our team can help you avoid issues that can be costly to fix and extend the length of time you are dealing with the divorce.

Call 303-458-5500 or send a message to learn about our unbundled legal services. Our family law team is accessible and will provide tailored legal services that meet your needs.