What Sets Kaplan Law Apart?

Kaplan Law L.L.C. was established in 2000 by our founding partner, Marc J. Kaplan, with the mission of providing high-level, personalized legal services to Denver families and individuals. The firm of Denver family law attorneys has since built a strong team of established professionals.

Outside-the-box thinking to reach a tailored, efficient solution is one thing that makes us different. We never apply a cookie-cutter approach to your legal matter. Additionally, our attorneys have proven records of success — from winning a moot court competition during the first year of law school (unheard of then and now) to changing Colorado law by winning cases in state appellate courts.

With almost four decades of combined legal experience, we focus our Denver-area practice on family law and legal malpractice.

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Staying One Step Ahead

When you meet with us, we start by analyzing your case to develop the most efficient and cost-conscious strategy. Our lawyers know how to solve complicated problems. This is not by layering on added complexity, but by getting to the root of the conflict. Leveraging our experience, we can counsel you on the pros and cons of various courses of action.

A lot hangs in the balance when you are involved in a family law dispute. The court system is not designed with customer service in mind. We guide you through this maze as efficiently as it allows. Our team has a deep respect for court rules and we know how to use them to stay two steps ahead.

Relationships and trust are also important to us. We will take the time to establish a long-term relationship with you. Now and into the future, we are here to help you resolve any disputes that touch your family.

Learn How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

When you need to protect your finances or business during divorce, you need a lawyer who thinks strategically and works efficiently.

Our family law attorneys and their team of professionals fit these requirements and can obtain the best attainable outcome. We offer an initial meeting free of charge to find out about your situation and if we can assist. Call us at 303-458-5500 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.