James Cordes Writes for Avvo

February 8, 2017

Attorney James wrote a post for Avvo recently about sexual harassment allegations – and how you can react if divorce is on the table.

“While finding out about a spouse’s infidelity is sure to spark anger, remember that your actions now can have long-lasting consequences. Accusations of domestic violence will likely be factored into a judge’s decision regarding your fitness to be a parent, so getting into a physical fight with your spouse could lead to losing ground when it comes to arguing for custody of your children in a divorce.   In a custody fight, if the court finds that you committed domestic violence, the law directs the court to enter orders that almost always disfavor the perpetrator of domestic violence when allocating parenting time and decision-making.”

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MoneyTalks Features Kaplan

December 2, 2017

Moneytalks.com featured advice from attorney James Cordes about 20 commonly held but false beliefs about divorce and money.

“While people tend to get what they pay for when it comes divorce attorneys, the difference in hourly rates isn’t a good indicator of the quality of their work, says Colorado attorney James Cordes. He recommends that you look for a divorce attorney you can relate to who will work to get you the best result without overcharging.”

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Kaplan Featured in Redbook

October 24, 2017

Attorney Marc Kaplan is featured in an article from Redbook about 30 things you should never say to your kids while going through a divorce.

“Parenting 101 is learning to put your child’s needs ahead of your own, yet it’s easy to forget that during an event as traumatic as a divorce. ‘Parents should never say to their children that they are sad or hurt when the children are with the other parent, or that the child can’t enjoy a special opportunity to be with the other parent even if it is not scheduled,’ says Marc Kaplan, a family law attorney at Kaplan Law in Denver, Colorado.” 

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TheStreet Features Marc Kaplan

January 12, 2018

TheStreet featured Marc Kaplan’s take on what divorce can mean for your debt accounts and your credit score.

“Any time you have joint ownership of an account, whether that be an investment account, bank account, credit card or loan, you’re ultimately responsible for keeping the account current and you cannot rely on the other person on the account to meet that responsibility,” says Marc Kaplan, divorce attorney at Kaplan Law in Denver, Col. “So, unless the account is paid off and closed, you remain ultimately responsible to the bank, credit card company, or other entity.”

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Marc Kaplan Profiled in Huffington Post

December 15, 2017

A recent article in the Huffington Post profiling healthcare and legal professionals featured Marc Kaplan, describing what drives him to do the work he does.

“I became a trial attorney because I saw so many instances of people being mistreated, taken advantage of, being voiceless and powerless. While it may sound naïve, and perhaps unbelievable to the general public, I viewed and still view lawyers as society’s answer to protecting individuals from abuse of power and the inequities in our society.”