Frequently Asked Questions About Spousal Support in Colorado

When a couple decides that their marriage is no longer able to be maintained and divorce is the only reasonable solution, some of the more immediate questions that are addressed include:

  • Who owns what?
  • How much of a particular item?
  • And when will they receive it?

Of course, one of the key sections to the division of assets involves spousal support, or maintenance as it is more often referred to. In essence, spousal support is exactly what it sounds like. It is support provided by one spouse to another in order to help them pay their bills, buy groceries, look for a job and otherwise survive. This of course does not mean that their particular lifestyles would be identical nor would one person necessarily be making the same amount of money as the other. It simply means that one person would be providing funds to support the other till it is determined to no longer be necessary.

With that in mind, you will need strong counsel in order to effectively defend and obtain what is rightfully yours. We highly recommend contacting the experienced Denver spousal support attorneys at Kaplan Law L.L.C. to discuss your rights and options in a case consultation. Spousal support can become a heated and contentious part of any divorce. Having our objective and aggressive attorneys representing your needs can make all the difference. We have the dedication and the tenacity to get the job done – call 303-458-5500 and speak with a representative from our team today.

How is Spousal Support Determined in Colorado?

Generally speaking, spousal support is very specific and varies from couple to couple. There are no “common cases” in regards to maintenance because of the many considerations involved. However, there are consistent guidelines, including new rules, regarding the calculation of support and how it should be executed. Two of the primary factors that play a central role in the equation are:

  • How long has the couple been together?
  • What are the individual incomes of both parties?

For the most part, it is safe to say that the longer a couple has been together, the longer the time in which spousal support will be provided. Again, how this is determined is situational. If the person in need of support is unable to support him or herself due to age, or ailment and have little in the way of property to begin with, the length of support could be considerable. It all depends on the circumstances involved. For more information, we highly recommend speaking with a dedicated family law attorney.

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