Moving From Colorado?

Relocation after divorce happens; life does not stand still after you finalize the divorce papers. A dream job may be located in another state that also moves you closer to family. If you have a custody agreement and parenting plan, you will need to seek court approval for relocation after divorce. On the other extreme, a job loss may make it near impossible to stay current on child support and it’s important to ask the court for a modification.

At Kaplan Law L.L.C., our divorce attorneys understand that a final judgment is rarely the end of the story. We have helped clients across Denver and the Front Range find out-of-the-box solutions when things change. From our first meeting, we begin to strategize how to achieve a favorable outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Relocation Issues

When you are seeking to relocate after a divorce with the children, it is crucial you produce data backing up why the move is in your children’s best interests. On the other hand, you may want to keep your children in Colorado. Our lawyers can explain how state law applies to your case.

We are often able to solve these types of disputes through negotiation or mediation. But when required, we have the necessary experience to fight for the best possible outcome in court.

A Significant Change In Your Circumstances

To modify a prior order, you usually need to show a change in circumstances that was not envisioned during the divorce process. A major shift in income could be one of the reasons you may need to revisit child support or spousal maintenance. Speak with our family law attorneys to learn whether your situation meets this high threshold.

Solving Problems When Life Changes

Opportunities and challenges come along in life that were never envisioned in your divorce order. Set up a consultation with one of our family law attorneys to discuss your situation. You can get on our calendar via email or by dialing 303-458-5500.