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Child Support Establishment, Modification, and Enforcement in Colorado

Families go through many significant changes following a divorce. Dividing property, finding a new residence, and custody issues may be necessary and can be very complicated. When the child resides with one parent, the other parent is ordinarily required to pay support in Colorado. Child support is compensation supplied by one parent to the other parent to aid with the expenses for their shared child. It ordinarily ends when the child turns 19 or upon completion of high school. The amount is determined by family court and is based on child support guidelines or an amount determined by the Court to be reasonable.

Parental Responsibilities in Colorado

The cost of raising a child is very expensive, and both the husband and wife are legally responsible for the care of their shared child. In the state, child support is generally determined in accordance with statutory guidelines based primarily on the parents’ gross incomes and the number of overnights each parent has with his/her children. The support aids in providing medical care, education, and other care that is needed for a healthy and proper upbringing. Guidelines may be provided by many jurisdictions indicating what fraction of a parent’s income will go toward child support. Call Kaplan Law L.L.C. today for assistance in your child custody and family law matters.

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