How To Find An Out-Of-Court Solution

Divorce mediation, negotiation, and arbitration all may play a role in a divorce strategy. These out-of-court remedies can offer you more control over the outcome. A negotiated or mediated settlement is generally the quickest way to resolve a divorce. But the other party must be reasonable for these to work.

At Kaplan Law L.L.C., we have helped families and individuals across Denver and the Front Range reach out-of-court settlements. Our attorneys are also frequently hired as third-party mediators, arbitrators and special masters to help families reach agreement. With this perspective, we see cases from a variety of angles. We are pragmatic problem solvers with a firm understanding of Colorado law.

Here are some general answers to basic questions about mediation.

Will Mediation Resolve All Issues In A Divorce?

The mediator — often an experienced lawyer or former judge — does not represent either you or your spouse, but may offer some insight into your odds in future litigation. All family law issues common in divorce can be decided through mediation. In other cases, you may only resolve the financial issues related to the child custody and parenting time. Even a limited agreement reached through mediation will still reduce the number of contested issues a judge must decide.

How Successful Is Mediation?

Mediated agreements often lead to better outcomes. You are best placed to know what will work, whereas a court order may feel more “one-sided” or prove unworkable in practice. The process is less adversarial, which is beneficial when decisions are being made that will affect your children.

Mediation has the added benefit of being more confidential than a public divorce hearing.

Why You Might Need To Go To Court

When effective communication and decision-making has completely broken down, a judge will decide the issues. In an abusive relationship it may actually be for the best. In other instances, a couple may go through a fairly successful mediation and litigate more sensitive topics, such as child custody or valuation and division of pensions.

Solving Your Family Law Problems

Before you start the divorce process, speak with one of our knowledgeable family law attorneys. We can answer your questions about divorce mediation and the divorce process. We’ll help you resolve your family law conflicts as quickly as possible. You can schedule a free initial consult with one of our experienced family law attorneys via email or by calling 303-458-5500.

If you are looking for a skilled third-party Denver divorce mediator or arbitrator to help resolve a case, we can provide more information about our services.