Denver Adoption Lawyers Helping Complete Your Family

Each year, approximately one and a half million children are adopted in the United States.

Adoption in Colorado can be agreed to by the parents or ordered by a court. The most common adoption is by a step-parent, who decides to legally adopt a husband or wife’s child from a previous relationship. In this situation, the natural parent must agree to the adoption, or be found to have abandoned the child. Through the procedure of adoption, all of the rights and responsibilities of the child are turned over from one or both natural parents to an adoptive parent.

Following an adoption, the natural parent no longer has any obligation toward, or rights regarding, the child. The adoptive parents are then responsible for the well-being of the minor child and must adequately provide for them in every area of the child’s needs. One of our Denver adoption lawyers will aid you in the proper adoption procedures in the appropriate Colorado county.

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