From Protection Orders To Enforcement

Many forms of abuse can occur over the course of a relationship and lead to a power imbalance in the relationship. After a divorce order is finalized, an ex-spouse may still seek control and refuse to comply. From before filing to disputes that continue after reaching a final order, you need a trusted family law attorney who will be there to stand up for you.

Our divorce attorneys at Kaplan Law L.L.C. are experienced Colorado trial lawyers. This sets us apart in family law where many lawyers are not at ease in a courtroom. We’ve been able to reach favorable outcomes in court and on appeal for clients in Denver and across Colorado. When you are not dealing with a reasonable person, we will fight the battle on your behalf.

The Importance Of An Immediate Order For Protection

When you fear abuse will escalate after a divorce filing, we will work quickly to put the appropriate protective orders in place. Because the family court can move slowly and be difficult to navigate, call us immediately.

We can get on a calendar right away to ensure you and your children are protected during the divorce process.

Making Sure Colorado Protection Orders Are Followed

A final divorce judgment is not always the end of the battle with an ex-spouse. The order may require the sale of a home, but this doesn’t always happen. Your ex-spouse continues to live in the home and stops making mortgage payments. If you were left on the mortgage this could ruin your credit. This is just one example, but our lawyers can discuss post-order tools to force compliance. A contempt hearing is one of these.

If a different lawyer handled your divorce, mistakes could have been made. We will fix what we can and discuss whether a legal malpractice claim might also provide a remedy.

From Initial Filing To Post-Decree Hearings, We’ll Protect You

When dealing with a spouse who has taken advantage of you for years, we’ll even the playing field. Speak with us as soon as you make the final decision to divorce. Our family law attorneys can also step in and analyze what went wrong in your divorce and fix a current mess.

Speak with us today at 303-458-5500 or send us a message with the basic details of your case. We offer an initial free consultation to discuss how we can help resolve your legal problems.