An Overview Of Our Family Law Services

Sleepless nights and anxiety may nag at you until you find a solution to a family law dispute. You need a lawyer to take on the legal complexities and work efficiently to get you through a very difficult time in your life.

Kaplan Law L.L.C. understands. Our Denver family lawyers are problem solvers. We have helped families in the Denver metro and Front Range with a broad range of family law matters. We provide pay-as-you go services when you need them or full representation.

Our lawyers are trial lawyers. This does not mean we take every case to trial. We are collaborative when reasonable, but also have the experience to represent you through trial and appeal when necessary.

Here is a summary of some types of cases that we routinely handle:

  • Complex divorces with issues of spousal support, complicated property division involving family businesses, stock options or complicated trusts
  • Child-related conflicts over child custody (called the allocation of parental responsibility in Colorado), parenting time schedules, child support calculations; we also provide advocacy in dependency and neglect hearings
  • Initial matters such as protection orders when abuse is part of the relationship; after-the-fact issues related to enforcement or modification of an existing order

We also assist families across Colorado with adoption cases. The most common is stepparent adoption, but we also represent families seeking to adopt a baby or child in other circumstances.

Our Denver family lawyers also handle legal malpractice cases and are frequently able to identify errors made by other lawyers. In Colorado, it is a good idea to seek a prenuptial review because errors are often made in drafting these contracts.

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