How can I have a great divorce?

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Most people would not put the words “great” and “divorce” together, but the truth is that there are steps you can take that can make your separation as pleasant as possible. Many couples in Colorado turn to mediation as a way to dissolve the marriage without the emotional and financial expense of dealing with arduous court hearings. Psychology Today offers some reasons why this may be a good option to get through your divorce with as little stress as possible.

First of all, a mediator can help you determine what happened to your relationship without blaming one another. These professionals are trained to help you take yourself out of the equation and see what really happened. This can be helpful, not only in determining what went wrong, but deciding how to move forward. Once a reason is realized, the division of property and custody can be clear to both parties and require little negotiation.

Next, you can also realize what your own mistakes were and take responsibility for rectifying them. Once you have established what the main problem was in your marriage, you can see the resulting mistakes that each of you made. Taking responsibility can help both of you realize what you should have done and help you be prepared to negotiate and sacrifice during property division.

Rather than fighting over each item, realizing your responsibility in the problem can help you feel more inclined to be fair when dividing up property. While this information is not intended as legal advice, it can help you be more informed about the processes that can lead to a better, and even great, divorce.