How do I alter my child support arrangement?

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If you have gone through a divorce in Colorado, you know that having children can mean lengthier negotiations between you, your spouse and the court. Once the papers are signed and the judge declares you legally separated, you may not necessarily be done with discussions about child support.

Major life changes can make it necessary to modify arrangements to fit the current needs of your family.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it may take as long as six months for any changes to be finalized, according to the Colorado Department of Human Services. This timeline can be vital when you are struggling through a fragile financial situation.

You also need to be aware that requests for changes must be stated by the requestor and can be made for the following reasons:

  • Changes in day-care expense, health care charges or any other costs related to raising a child
  • Emancipation of a child (generally at age 18)
  • Overnight visitation with either parent has changed

Since each parent’s financial circumstances must be taken into account, any increase or decrease in income can also be a reason to request a change to the child support arrangements.

You will need to submit information about your current living expenses and income, as well as other documents, such as proof of child care, insurance and premium costs, three months of pay stubs, three years of taxes and the birth certificates of all children involved. If you receive any SSDI or SSI benefits, you will also need to provide proof of those.

Working with an experienced family law attorney is a start to ensuring the process goes smoothly. It is also helpful to determine the best possible strategy.