Child Custody

How Do Parents Handle Child Custody During the Holidays?

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, lots of separated and divorcing parents have child custody on their minds. They’re thinking about the holiday season and how they’re going to handle it. What is usually a joyous and memorable time of year, all of a sudden takes a different turn and it causes stress for many parents in these situations.

If you’re recently separated or early in the divorce process, you may be stressing about the holidays and wondering how you’re supposed to divide your time with your children with your ex, and it’s perfectly normal to have such concerns. In this article, we go over the basics of child custody during the holidays.

Incorporating Holidays Into the Divorce Agreement

When you negotiate your divorce agreement, you will most certainly be addressing child custody, and as part of that arrangement, you and your spouse will have to make provisions for summer vacation, spring break, and of course, the holidays.

Before you reach an agreement, it’s important to weigh the following considerations: your children’s ages, their school schedules, family holiday traditions, what holidays are special to your children, and how far away you live from your ex.

“How do parents typically split time with their children over Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas?” you might ask. Often, parents settle on an arrangement where they alternate holidays. For example, Mom might get the children on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve on even years, while Dad gets the kids on Christmas Day and they rotate each year.

Parents don’t have to alternate holidays each year. If they get along well, they can continue celebrating holidays together as a family, and they can even welcome each parent’s significant other into the mix.

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