Why divorce mediation may be a good option for you

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If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you can go to court or choose an alternative method of resolving your divorce in Colorado. At Kaplan Law LLC, we find that mediation can be a great alternative to court for many couples. Mediation is an option that can give you more control and allows you to work together to come to a resolution.

Mediation is the process of working with a mediator to come to a divorce agreement. It allows you the chance to discuss the issues at hand instead of presenting your case one at a time as is done in court. It also offers a level of confidentiality that a court proceeding does not. In many cases, mediation is a quicker process because you are not at the mercy of court schedules or waiting for the judge to make a ruling.

During mediation, you will go over all the details of your divorce, including any asset division, child support and alimony. You can sometimes choose to only settle certain issues in mediation, such as child custody, and handle the rest in court.

The key to this process is that you and your spouse can reach an agreement through talking with each other and with the help of the mediator. If you cannot effectively communicate, the process will not work, and you will likely have to go to court. Some situations will not be suitable for mediation, such as an abusive relationship or a situation where you cannot calmly speak to one another. See our mediation page for more information.