Divorce filings spike in January, but preparation is key

Divorces tend to spike in Colorado and across the nation at the beginning of each new year, and many divorcing parties opt to start the process before they are sufficiently prepared. The Huffington Post reports that the number of divorce filings in America increases by a third in January, with many couples choosing to do so after problems and arguments over children and finances.

Part of the uptick, too, may be due to the fact that many couples spend more time together during the holiday season than is typical throughout the rest of the year, which may intensify or exacerbate existing problems. Many people also wait until after the holidays to avoid causing unnecessary strife for the children during a time that is supposed to be happy and enjoyable. Before making hasty divorce decisions, however, it is important to fully understand one’s assets, liabilities and finances.

Reviewing insurance policies and retirement plans is an important step in the process, as divorce can have implications that may affect how minor children are covered. It is also wise for those considering a divorce filing to view their credit reports, which can reveal unknown debts and other obligations. Because assets and debts will likely be scrutinized during divorce proceedings, it is important that divorcing parties review these areas closely and avoid making any guesses or estimates that may come back to haunt them down the line.

Marketwatch also advises separating finances early on to avoid being responsible for a spouse’s debts or considerable spending. Additionally, those heading toward divorce are advised to draft budgets outlining monthly expenses so that they can have a better idea of how much they will need to survive, once the divorce is finalized. 

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