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Does mediation make it easier to co-parent?

Whether you are in the preliminary stages of filing for divorce or you and your spouse are simply thinking of entering into the divorce process, you have several options. As parents, it may be beneficial to negotiate the terms of the divorce settlement through mediation, as opposed to engaging in an emotional and heated courtroom battle. Although not all couples are able to speak amicably in a non-confrontational environment, people who do so may have an advantage when it comes to maintaining a good parenting relationship. Most importantly, going through the mediation process may be the best option for your child and their overall quality of life.

Identifying factors that lead to divorce later in life

While a number of marriages have resulted in happy and long-lasting relationships, there are others that have ended in divorce. In fact, more than half of all marriages in the United States don’t make it ‘until death do us part,’ according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even more surprising, a significant number of people choose to separate after decades of marriage. What factors cause people to terminate their marriage after being together for such a long period of time? Is there a commonality in this gray divorce phenomenon?

What to do before asking for a divorce

For couples considering divorce in Colorado, it can be difficult to decide when the best time is to bring up the topic. One factor that many people do not take into consideration is the amount of preparation they need to have done before discussing the issue with their partner. Divorce is generally expensive, but it can be significantly costlier if a spouse is not ready before separating.

Why establish paternity?

If you have a child when you are unmarried, you are not automatically granted paternity. You must request paternity of the child and undergo a DNA test to prove that you are the father. Some might wonder why this is important or what the benefits of paternity are. Here are the main reasons fathers should establish paternity of their children.

Why mediation is beneficial in a divorce

Hearing the word "divorce" can bring to mind hostility, emotional turmoil, and a tiring litigation process in which both sides are fighting to get whatever they can. This does not have to be the case though. Divorce is a difficult and stressful time for anyone to go through, but mediation is an out-of-court option that can lead to a better outcome than a traditional hearing.

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