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How assets are divided in divorce

While all aspects of divorce can be trying, asset division is an exceedingly complex concern. Couples in Colorado often have questions about the way assets are divided, which can involve many different factors. Here at Kaplan Law L.L.C., we’ve seen the challenges spouses face when they attempt to divvy up marital property. That’s why we stress the importance of understanding the asset division process to ensure parties receive their fair share.

How can I pursue a fair settlement during divorce?

If you are facing a divorce in Denver, you are most likely experiencing a range of negative emotions about the dissolution of your marriage. While these emotions may result in a desire to expedite proceedings, doing so can actually impact your financial stability down the line. Accordingly, it’s best to enter into divorce negotiations with a focused mind to ensure you receive the settlement amount you deserve.

US divorce rate dropped for the third year in a row. Good news?

According to a study released this week, the overall divorce rate in the United States dropped in 2015. It also dropped in the prior two years, according to Time. In fact, the 2015 rate -- 16.9 divorces per 1,000 married women 15 and older -- represents a near 40-year low.

Splitting up property during an amicable divorce process

If you and your spouse have committed to an amicable divorce process, you may be wary of digging into the challenge of dividing your property. After all, you know that you will both want certain personal items but also want to avoid squabbling over them. You may also be understandably apprehensive about dividing precious property like your home, your vehicles, your pets and items that belong to your children.

How a postnuptial agreement can actually complicate your divorce

Postnuptial agreements, also known as marital agreements, have become more common in recent years as couples seek to protect their assets in case of a potential divorce. Like most such agreements, they are usually made as a "just in case" failsafe – after all, few people are contemplating the eventuality of divorce during the first bloom of marriage.

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