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Your prenup may not be as airtight as you think it is

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be a good decision for many Colorado couples, especially for a couple or individual who will enter a marriage with significant wealth or has obtained wealth or assets since the wedding. While these documents do provide a significant amount of protection and security, they often come under scrutiny when a marriage is over. 

If you are getting a divorce and have concerns about the validity of your prenuptial agreement, there is no time to lose in securing qualified legal assistance. It is possible that your prenuptial agreement is not as airtight as you hoped or assumed, and you would be smart to take quick action to protect your interests.

How mediation can benefit artists

If you are an artist going through a divorce in Colorado, you may be wondering what will happen to the artwork that you created before, during and after your marriage. Since all property needs to be accounted for, you will need to make a detailed list of each of your creations. We at Kaplan Law understand the complexities that surround the division of artwork, which is why we realize the benefits that mediation can bring.


How to reduce divorce stress

It is no secret that going through a divorce is difficult, but there are things you can do to ease some of the stress and make the situation as relaxed as possible. We at Kaplan Law not only work to help you come to an agreement on your Colorado divorce terms in the simplest way possible.


The costs of mediation vs. litigation

If you are considering a divorce in Colorado, one of the biggest questions you may have is whether or not you should try to mediate with your spouse or take the case to court. One factor in your decision will likely be cost, so it is helpful to know what you can expect with each process. We at Kaplan Law have outlined what you may spend in either scenario so you can make the decision that best fits your needs.


Mediation may lack the help you need for a high-asset divorce

When it comes to dealing with divorce proceedings, you may want to try to find the quickest and easiest way to complete the process. However, with your substantial wealth and assets, taking the necessary time to address the particulars of your case may offer more benefits. Still, you may wonder whether an alternative dispute resolution method, such as mediation, could work for your case.

Though mediation does have numerous benefits, the process does not suit every divorce case. This alternative dispute resolution method offers the opportunity for you to have more control over the proceedings, but your control may not always result in the best outcomes.

What happens if I did not get a prenup?

When most people in Colorado get married, they do not anticipate getting a divorce. Because of this fact, some choose not to get a prenuptial agreement. If you belong to this group and then ended up separating from your spouse, you may be wondering what to expect during divorce proceedings.


How mediation can benefit your divorce

Colorado couples looking to break things off are unfortunately in for a long and rocky road. Some may face more challenges than others due to financial, emotional, or other various reasons. However, any divorcing couple could potentially benefit from having a mediator on board.

The Huffington Post released an article celebrating mediation day by listing ten reasons to mediate a divorce. They include financial benefits, stating that it's less costly than an extensive and vitriolic court battle and also much faster. They also put heavy emphasis on the flexible and customizable nature of mediation. Couples have more personal attention, more confidentiality, and better options for post-divorce family plans. Additionally, being able to work things through with an emphasis on cooperation can allow a divorcing couple to maintain a fairly positive and functional relationship even after divorce. This can be of crucial importance to households with children in particular.

The second time is not always the charm

Researchers spend time and money year after year finding and ranking the reasons why people get divorced. You may have done something similar, spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong in your marriage. In many cases, it's probably not one specific thing, but a combination of actions and reactions that cause a relationship to sour and a partnership to splinter.

However, it is interesting to see how many people enter into second and third marriages knowing the odds are against them. Statistics have consistently shown that subsequent marriages fare even worse than first marriages.

The reality of hiding assets during a divorce

During a divorce, it can be tempting to fudge the numbers a little bit. Small details can drastically change the resolution and leave you paying less child support or alimony. While this may be true, there are also strict laws in Colorado that can lead to hefty punishments and fines if you do not provide accurate information during divorce proceedings. We at Kaplan Law are committed to helping you avoid these consequences while still achieving the best outcome possible.


Does my spouse have offshore accounts?

If you are headed toward a divorce in Colorado, you may be wondering if your spouse has been keeping any secrets from you. Even the most kind, loving spouses may simply feel that you do not have a right to some of their money, especially if they acquired the funds previous to your wedding or you did not work during the marriage. The truth is that most property and accounts become commingled during the marriage and transfer to joint property unless stated in the prenuptial agreement.


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